Coffee, Hookah & Conversation

We often feel restricted and inhibited within the claustrophobic ambience of the city. If you are looking to escape the confined boundaries of the city "into that heaven of freedom" envisioned by the poet philosopher Rabindranath, then Seedz Beanz N Aroma, one of the best Kolkata Coffee shops, offers just that right at the heart of Kolkata. A lot can indeed brew over a steaming cup of coffee or puff of the hookah – from long hours of gossip to friendly arguments over politics, philosophy, literature and life itself.

Coffee – described as one of the most stimulating drinks for the intellect – is indeed the choice of many in the intellectual city of Kolkata. Keeping in mind this fact the popular coffee shop in South Kolkata Seedz Beans and Aromas has created a stimulating environment where young Kolkata intellectuals can enjoy an engaging conversation over a warm cuppa!

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