The Coffee Story

When it comes to quality restaurant and coffee shop, Kolkata has much to boast of but Seedz Beanz N Aroma is definitely one of the best. Following the tradition inaugurated by poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore, this coffee shop with a difference tries to create a free space for exchange of ideas, opinions and beliefs. Rabindranath was rebelling against the stifling atmosphere created by formal education system and trying to encourage free thinking when he established his school at Shantiniketan. Over hot coffee and aromatic herbal hookah at Seedz Beanz N Aroma you too may be inspired to think out of the box and look at life creatively.

xIf you are looking for the best Kolkata coffee shop then Seedz Beanz N Aroma is the place to visit, but before you step inside our café let's go back a little to find out the interesting history of coffee. Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia by shepherds when they found their flock unable to sleep after eating these wild fruits. The poor shepherd brought the coffee beans to the notice of some local monks who for the first time indulged in brewing a drink by pouring hot water over the beans. Another legend explains the derivation of the name "mocha". An Arabian named Omar, banished to the desert, in his desperation to stave off starvation had his followers boil fruit of a wild and unknown plant. The people of nearby town of Mocha took it to be a divine sign and the tree was named Mocha after the town.

Long before coffee came to be regarded as a pleasurable drink it was used as a medicinal herb by Muslims and in 14th century the plant was brought to Arabia where it was named Kaweh. Turks experimented with flavours adding spices cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and anise to create new blends. This unique and invigorating beverage spread its influence from Turkey to Italy and then to other parts of Europe as well as rest of the world. It is believed that coffee was first introduced to Indian soil as early as 1670 by a Yemeni named Baba Budan. Since then Indians have taken to coffee drinking with great enthusiasm which continues till date.

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