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Q. What kind of grind is to use for French Press?

A. French press makes it possible to grind coffee beans at home. All you need is some coffee, milk, sugar and water to brew the perfect blend. French press allows for medium to coarse grind so that the mesh filter can work properly without getting clogged.

Q. How to store coffee so it does not lose its aroma?

A. Any coffee lover knows, the longer coffee is exposed to air and water faster it looses its aroma and unique flavour. One way to keep the aroma and flavour intact is to roast and grind your beans at home using a coffee grinder. Another advice would be to buy coffee on a weekly basis and storing it in zip lock bag or air tight containers. Do not forget to keep the container in cool, dark place.

Q. What is the proper way to drink espresso?

A. Coffee lovers and connoisseurs, world over brew espresso in their own unique ways. Italians add sugar, Germans and Swiss add chocolate while Mexicans have it with Cinnamon. Cardamom and spices are the favoured choices of people in Middle East while in Ethiopia it is brewed with a pinch of salt. Egyptians prefer strong and black authentic coffee without the contaminated tastes of milk and sugar. Experiment with your taste buds to come up with your own blend.

xQ. How is Turkish coffee prepared?

A. Turkish coffee is prepared in Ibrik, which is a small pot that may hold only one or two servings of coffee. This circular brass pot can be used to brew sweeter and thicker coffee. Traditionally, the Ibrik used to be placed in the hot sands of the Mediterranean to prepare coffee.

Q. Where did the name Cappuccino come from?

A. The name cappuccino was derived from the Capuchin order of monks. It is an Italian espresso coffee which is prepared with hot milk and cream. It was given the name as the colour of coffee resembled that of habit of Capuchin monks.

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