Fun Facts on Coffee

Some like it black while others prefer to imbibe it with milk, cream and a dash of chocolate; whatever may be your preference you cannot deny that coffee is one of the most interesting of beverages in the entire world. There is nothing more cozy and wonderful than engaging in intelligent conversation over coffee. So come to the best Kolkata coffee shop – Seedz Beanz N Aroma.

Let's take a peak into some fun and interesting trivia about coffee.

  • We all know about the momentous "Boston Tea Party" that changed the course of American history and was the spark that was needed to start off the American War of Independence. This was also the time that Americans began to turn from tea, which had enjoyed great popularity before, to a coffee drinking nation. So, it was the heavy taxes on tea imposed by British Empire that forced a shift towards coffee.
  • First ever coffee shop was established in the boisterous and sensuous city of Istanbul as early as 15th century. Rich aromatic coffee was though to be a powerful aphrodisiac by the Turks in those days.
  • The term coffee once denoted wine and only later came to be used to describe a drink made from berries of coffee tree. Since it kept Muslims awake and alert during prayers it came to replace wine in religious ceremonies.
  • Coffee one of the largest traded commodities in the world second only to oil.
  • Did you know that caffeine is listed as a prohibited substance by the International Olympic Committee? If one tests positive for 12 micrograms of caffeine per millimeter of urine, which can be reached on imbibing 5 cups of coffee, he/she would be banned from participating in Olympic Games.
  • Coffee shops world over have been the stage where radical and liberal beliefs flourished, revolutions were planned and long hours of argument on any topic under the sun were indulged in. It is therefore not surprising to know that both American and French revolutions began from coffee houses.

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