Health Benefits of Coffee: Know The Facts

When coffee was first discovered people knew little of its medicinal value. The aroma and energy were good enough reason to popularize the drink. downtime several researches have been conducted to analyze the stand of coffee as a health-beverage and well amusingly the results are rather positive.

Scientific researches found the basic elements of caffeine and antioxidants as beneficial health agents and anti-aging substance. Let’s have a brief view on coffee- benefits.

• Anti –oxidants present in coffee, helps to recover your damaged body-cells.
• Caffeine, the essential element of coffee functions to reduce mental depression. According to Harvard study, women who drink coffee regularly have a lesser risk of getting depressed.
• Recent study found that coffee lessens risk of strokes in women, almost up to 25 percent. According to another study, male smokers who are coffee drinkers, have lesser chance of stroke.
• It has been found that caffeine can boost the levels of granulocyte colony which acts as a stimulating factor to prevent brain disease like Alzheimer’s. A report on Alzheimer’s disease stated that elderly people if they drink coffee can fight away this disease.
• Diabetes is a most common disease in recent world. It has been found that coffee consumption is a good way to reduce diabetes 2 risk. An Archives of Internal Medicine review of studies from 2009, tells the importance of coffee as one diabetes 2 reducing factor. Researches found that every extra cup of coffee reduces the chance of diabetes 2 by 7 percent.
•  Coffee containing caffeine helps to lessen certain types of cancer risks. Researches from Harvard medical school have found caffeine effective for skin cancer and basal cell carcinoma. Drinking three or more cups coffee per day can lower 20 percent skin cancer risk in a woman. This percentage becomes 9, in case of a male caffeinated coffee drinker.
• According to the researches of Harvard school of public health, caffeinated coffee lessens the risk of prostate cancer development. Drinking six or more cups of such coffee a day decreases chance of prostate cancer up to 20 percent. Another study shows that drinking three cups a day can still reduce prostate cancer risk by 30 percent.
• Caffeinated coffee drinking is also good for Parkinson’s disease. A study published in the ‘journal of Alzheimer’s disease’ shows coffee as a Parkinson’s disease risk reducing factor. It can lower the rick of such disease up to 25 percent.
•  Caffeinated coffee is also beneficial to lower chances of several diseases, like Dementia (up to 65% reduced risk) ,Colon Cancer (up to 25% reduced risk) ,Cirrhosis (up to 80% reduced risk),Gallstones ( 50 % reduced ricks) and heart disease.
• Coffee is considered as a good relief factor in case of headache and asthma.
• Coffee drinking improves your memory.
• Antioxidants present in coffee increases endurance, thus improving your performance ability in a race or competition.

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Kolkata The Land Of Adda With A Cup Of Coffee Or Tea

Tea or Coffee: Kolkata Adda Essence

Kolkata is one of those cities, where fun, enjoyment and ‘adda’ rank higher than many of the other activities, given more importance in other big cities. Kolkata is known for the laid back and fun loving attitude and the addas that take place in every little corner, at cafes, tea stalls and almost everywhere. The joints in Kolkata have grown in a way where adda and long conversations can thrive in the most gratifying manners.

Alluring Adda: After a week’s hard work and stressful jobs, the weekend arrives as a savior. The malls, the markets, the streets are all filled with flocks of people trying to get some break from the monotony of life. Wherever you go, you will see a crowd. Some go out to shop; some go out to take a walk, some to drink and some to party at a club. Whichever be your favorite way to make perfect use of your precious weekend, a café is a place which is t your service all round the week and all round the year. If you are not in the need and the mood to go for a shopping in the weekend, or are not a party person, or do not want to eat out every weekend and every holiday, a café is a great option for you. Hang out with your friends for as long as you want to, have fun, chat, talk, discuss, munch on some light food, enjoy your aromatic, invigorating coffee and have some real fun weekend.

Chit Chat & Coffee: Kolkata has always been intrigued by coffee and its influences. The coffee house culture in Kolkata does not need to be reminded to the readers. We all know, how important, the cafes and the conversations that take place in Kolkata are. Some cafes have been in this city for decades now, and some are working their way to creating a name and fame for themselves that is likely to stay for decades to come. Café coffee day, Barista Lavazza, Flury’s are cafes that have been catering to the caffeine needs of people since years now and these joints have given people the opportunity to start conversations, take them o new heights, come to conclusions and share journeys. However, these cafes might not be a cheap and affordable option for many. Seeds Beans Aromas has come up as one of the most affordable, yet interesting coffee joints in Kolkata. Kolkata has innumerable coffee junctions, but this you must try. They have a cozy and comfortable ambience and coffee you can die for.

Weekends are short and need to be spent in such a way that they do not tire you up, while adding some zing to your life at the same time. So enjoy your weekends and feel refreshed and energized to start up a fresh new week filled with work and burden.

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