Know Facts About Best Cafe Brands in India

South Indian coffee flavours are quite a hit overseas.. Southern hill region is known as India’s dominated coffee production area. Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu contribute a greater percentage of the entire India’s coffee production. Karnataka is the largest coffee producing state contributing 53 percent of the total coffee production in India.

Out of the total production, the major percentage (80 percent) is used for export purpose.  Italy, France, United States, Greece, Netherlands and many more countries are well known importers of Indian coffee. According to a recent study by the international coffee organization, India is the fifth largest caffe producer in the entire world. There are an approximate number of 2, 50,000 coffee growing industries in India. These coffee growing companies include nearly 98% of small growers and remaining two percentage are large scale coffee industries.

There are plenty of coffee producing brands including nestle, Hindustan Uniliver ltd, Tata coffee ltd and many more. The following paragraphs will introduce us to some of the famous café brands in India.
• Café coffee day, more familiar as CCD, is a renowned Indian coffee producing brand. This is a coffee producing branch of Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited. This company has been in existence since 1996 and presently known as the biggest coffee producing chain in India. Head quartered at the state of Karnataka, this company possesses more than 1000 cafes around 141 cities. CCD is a recognized quality coffee suppliers based on more than 10, 500 coffee estates.
• Hindustan Uniliver limited is one of the leading coffee producers in India. Their coffee products namely Bru is well known for quality and flavour. Bru occupies the first rank among several coffee brands in India. It is a favourite brand of the home users, both within India and several foreign countries.
• Tata coffee limited is another large coffee exporter and manufacturer of instant coffee in India. This company owns nineteen coffee estates, which at their best produce Arabica and robust coffees. Both of these coffees are available in washed and unwashed form. Coffee estates owned by this company are spread over 8037 hectors in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
• India coffee house: this coffee producing company is run by a group of co operative societies. This company possesses a large series of coffee restaurants including more than 400 coffee houses in all over India. Quality coffee provided by this company has made it a favourite place of coffee drinkers.  The city of Kolkata includes several famous coffee houses in Jadavpur, Central Avenue and other busy spots of Kolkata.
• Nescafe is another renowned and popular coffee brand in India. It is a division of the food producing company nestle India and provides instant coffee. Introduced in the 1930’s, Nescafe is one of the popular instant coffee brands around the world till date.
• Barista Lavazza is an Italian coffee producing company. This brand sells its coffee through chain of Barista Lavazza espresso bars in India. This company is famous for providing coffee blends.

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Coffee, Turkey and Stories

Excuisite Turkish Coffee

In Turkey, drinking coffee is not just about getting your daily caffeine fix in the middle of a busy day rather it is a custom that has become interwoven with cultural, social and political history of the land and its people. “Turkish coffee” refers really to a method of brewing or preparing coffee by boiling finely roasted coffee beans in the cezve rather than a special blend or type of coffee bean. Ever since coffee was first introduced to the people of Turkey as early as 1555, when two Syrian traders brought it to Istanbul, Turkish love affair with pure and strong coffee began. In fact coffee or Kahve, as is it called in Turkish, has so deeply affected Turkish life that the Turkish term for breakfast kahvalti literally means “before coffee” and the Turkish term for brown is kahverengi means “colour of coffee.”


Turky Coffee Entwined: As the rich and aromatic beverage became a favourite of Turkish people from Sultans to common man on the streets, elaborate rituals associated with drinking coffee came into existence. Kahveciusta or royal coffee makers would prepare coffee just the way the Ottoman Sultans liked with help of more than 40 assistants. The coffee brewing abilities of young girls and women were greatly sought after prizes and prospective brides were selected based on their supposed skills in brewing the perfect pot of coffee, exactly right in flavour and aroma.

While wealthy families constructed special rooms in their homes to drink coffee and socialize in, common people and intellectuals congregated in public coffeehouses that first made their appearance in Istanbul. They sipped coffee and got involved in heated discussions on a wide variety of topics ranging from politics to art. At one point Ottoman Sultans fearing that coffee drinking actually fermented seditious thoughts and rebellion banned coffeehouses and prohibited drinking of coffee. Laws could not suppress the people’s love for this fragrant beverage which promptly became the new symbol of rebellion.

Popular Turkish proverb about coffee says it all – “One cup of coffee remains in memories for more than 40 years.” Sipping coffee and sharing Kipfel is the way to socialize, build bonds of friendship and argue about life in general. Whether one is found gulping down strong hot bitter coffee at one go or examining the coffee dregs to read daily fortune, coffee is one aspect of life in Turkey that harks back to a bygone era and time that people remember with nostalgia. Drinking Turkish coffee is not just about getting a kick of that powerful aroma, but rather a romance and nostalgia laden trip down memory lane, a walk back to a forgotten era when life was far more sedentary and people had more time to indulge in intellectual contemplations

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