Coffee Ceremonies Around The World

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Ever since its discovery, coffee has enjoyed a varied array of beliefs and customs that has influenced the modern day world to maintain the ancient decorum of coffee ceremonies first initiated in Ethiopia.

Going by the history of coffee beans one can find references of the Arabic world where it was treated as a magical herb that energized the body. this led the orient to attach religious connotations to coffee. This was way back in the 16th century Turkey.

 Coffee Talks: Turkey, Yemen & Mecca were among the prominent places that celebrated coffee drinking over religious theatrics and discussions. This patent form of coffee consumption called in for hosting certain coffee ceremonies which are conducted even today. On using the term ceremony, what is meant apart from the social gatherings are the ways & methods of preparing authentic coffee. The quest is just an ever lingering aspect where perfection is an endeavour more than an attainment. One aspect common to all cultures around the world is that while making coffee people believe in preserving the strong flavour of the beans.

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony: Ethiopia’s coffee ceremony is one most prominent among all ceremonies. Invitation to have coffee is regarded as a mark of consolidating friendship and relations. No matter the time of the day a guest is also welcomed with kaveh. However the preparation process requires a little time as it is never a hurried affair with the Ethiopians when it comes to brewing the perfect coffee for celebrating ceremonies. All the apparatus required for making coffee are displayed on a long table. Where the hostess, generally a young maid traditionally dressed in white garments roast the coffee beans, pound them in mortar, fry it over a charcoal brassier and then serve the drink in tiny china cups. Here the ceremony is observed three times a day where it is believed that people undergo transformation or spiritual revelation on the completion of Abol, Tona and Baraka; first second and third round respectively.

Coffee Ceremony In Morocco:The Moroccan coffee ceremony is also somewhat similar to the Ethiopian type. Coffee is served in all auspicious ceremonies and even in an unfortunate event which calls people to gather for remorsing someone’s demise. Depending much on the type of event, coffee is served either sweet (hilweh) or as murrah (without sugar). Drinking to the health and happiness of the host, the chain of refilling cups is broken after a specific toasting gesture made by the guest to the hostess.

It is to be noted that most of the Arab countries observe similar coffee ceremonies which may only differ in name and in ways of serving the drink.

The rest of the world has indulged in a more liberal observance when it comes to having coffee. Ritualizing has become more of a daily habit than any specific performance of social enactments. Coffee for morning, coffee for lunchtime and coffee for dinner is a type of mini ceremony performed everyday by innumerable persons. Though the west popularized the enticing varietals of coffee recipes, the Asian countries came to be influenced in a considerable manner. there are hardly any cities towns or villages in America that have no coffee parlors. Even in countries like Japan and Indian having coffee has become an indispensable part of the people’s lives.

Socializing, discussing business or politics, literature & other topics require energizing refills every hour; all day. What can be better means to engage oneself in talks and romanticizing possibilities of life? A cup of coffee spells wonder. The interesting and the number of coffee lovers are growing each day. Thus coffee is must be said has attained a concept larger than merely being a stimulant over which many things can happen!

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